Pasteburn is a web application for encrypting and sharing secret content.

Using a secret passphrase you provide, Pasteburn encrypts your message then provides a unique link for you to share. Whomever you share the link and passphrase with can then decrypt and read your message.

Secrets can't be read without the passphrase and can't be restored once they're read or deleted.

Secrets can only be decrypted one time and are deleted when decrypted. Secrets are automatically deleted if not viewed within 7 days.

Can you see my secrets?

Secrets are encrypted using the provided passphrase. Passphrases are hashed. The secrets and passphrases in the database look like random text that can't be read.

I don't trust your website. How do I know you're not storing my passphrases?

All of the code for this project is open source and available to read. If you'd prefer to run this project on your own infrastructure, installation instructions can be found in the Pasteburn repo.

Technologies this project uses

Pasteburn is built in Perl using the Dancer2 web framework, Skeleton CSS boilerplate, clipboard.js JS library, and normalize.css CSS library. License information is available in the Pasteburn repo.